Gerald Thomas is the Continuous Improvement Specialist at Silver Spring Foods, Inc. He is responsible for running projects that look to make tasks easier, faster and more efficient. He also runs programs within production for workplace organization. Gerald facilitates our changeover process documentation for checklists. Gerald is on the sensory team due to the ability to understand the science behind food, taste, shelf life and flavors! He says he's kind of "a nerd wanting to understand more how food is changed, what happens in the marketplace to create food, and how this ties to market trends and overall acceptance of products by consumers."

Outside of work, Gerald enjoys spending time with his family doing fun activities including bowling (with an average of 190), camping and frisbee golf. He also has a couple hidden talents including wrapping Christmas presents and carving pumpkins!

Gerald's favorite way to enjoy horseradish is using our Sassy Horseradish Sauce on roast beef sandwiches, an absolute must!

Gerald’s Silver Spring Favorites:

Silver Spring Stone Ground Mustard
Honey Mustard Pork Roast