Tanya Hilsgen is a Warehouse Coordinator at Silver Spring Foods. She is responsible for loading & unloading materials, training new employees on updates or procedure changes, and helping in the absence of the logistic coordinator. Each day during work, Tanya implements fundamentals, The Huntsinger Way, that are established within the company. Being a long time employee, Tanya has also held various different positions in materials, quality control and warehouse. She is truly a valuable employee!

Tanya joined the Zing Masters™ to help her get out of her food comfort zone. Using different attributes when tasting & describing samples has help her come a long way when trying new flavors and heat levels. Outside of work, Tanya enjoys spending time with family and friends, travelings, fishing (especially with her kids!), bike riding and creating memories. Her favorite Silver Spring products are Cranberry Horseradish and Honey Mustard, both pair great with chicken, turkey and ham, or as a snack with crackers!

Tanya’s Silver Spring Favorites:

Silver Spring Cranberry Horseradish & Cranberry Horseradish Charcuterie Board