Noah Wallace is the Chief Information Officer/Vice President of Technology at Silver Spring Foods, Inc. He is responsible for all activities of the company's Information Systems to ensure effective, efficient, and secure operations. Noah is also on the sensory team because quality and taste are critical for him. Being able to be part of the process and to help weigh in on the taste of a product is a reward all in itself.

Noah has more hobbies than time! His main hobbies include National and International Air Rifle Competition, designing shooting aids and accessories for the air rifle industry. He also enjoys flying his drones for FPV and other aerial services like mapping, property scouting and emergency search and rescue missions. He prides himself on staying calm under pressure. Challenges, issues and emergencies happen, but staying calm is a win by itself. He says, "Stay calm and take the problem head on."

Noah's favorite way to enjoy horseradish is mixing it with blue cheese dressing and then mixing that into hamburgers. Grill at 450 degrees on each side for 3 minutes. His advice - "Serve on your favorite bun with our Applewood Smoke Flavored Horseradish Sauce...That's good eatin' right there!"

Noah’s Silver Spring Favorites:

Silver Spring Applewood Smoke Flavored Horseradish Sauce
Applewood Beef Sliders