WQOW News 18 - Wisconsin secretary of agriculture visits upcoming host of Farm Technology Days



By Mary Pautsch - WQOW Staff

Eau Claire (WQOW) – Although the Wisconsin Farm Technology Days are nine months away, Huntsinger Farms in Eau Claire is already planning for the biggest agriculture show in the state.

“We call it the Super Bowl of agriculture,” said Huntsinger Farms President Eric Rygg.

To show what their horseradish farm will have to offer this upcoming July, Huntsinger Farms hosted Wisconsin Department of Agriculture Secretary Brad Pfaff, showing the ins and outs of running the world’s largest production of horseradish.

“I couldn’t be more tickled that this event is going to be taking place here in the Chippewa Valley next summer,” said Pfaff.

Huntsinger Farms and its subsidiary, Silver Spring Foods, said they were chosen to host Farm Technology Days for a number of reasons, but their unique crop stood out for its potential to bring something different to the annual event.

“Wisconsin Farm Technology Days is usually on a dairy farm or a crop farm of some kind. Corn, soybeans, something like that,” Rygg said. “It’s not often that it’s on a horseradish farm, and I think it’s going to allow us to showcase something new and special.”

For Sec. Pfaff, Huntsinger Farms brought more to the table than just their land and product.

“They’re invested in this area. They believe in this area, they believe in agriculture, they believe in community, they’re strong supporters of family, and they’re reinvesting in this area,” said Pfaff.

With over 600 exhibitors, field demonstrations and agriculture experts in attendance, Rygg hopes everyone comes away from the show with a new appreciation for agriculture.

“I’m really excited for families to come out to the event and be able to learn about agriculture, learn where their food’s coming from, and perhaps we can encourage some to enter the space as a career,” Rygg said.

Wisconsin Farm Technology Days will be held July 21 to 23, 2020.

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