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Silver Spring Foods produces high quality products for top brands across the country. As the company has seen, retail specialty mustard and sauces are fast growing market segments. Silver Spring works with customers who demand only the highest-quality products made with the finest ingredients.

In its December 2013 “Condiments—U.S.” report, Mintel found that:

• Sales in the “other sauces” segment, including seafood sauce, hot sauce and dairy-based sauce, reached $906 million in 2013, representing a 31 percent increase since 2008

• The $5.6 billion condiment category is mostly dominated by sales in the supermarket channel, which for 2013 were expected to reach $3.4 billion, representing about 60 percent market share

• Condiment sales across other channels, which roughly account for the remaining 40 percent of the market, saw an increase of 19 percent from 2008–13

Select channels outside of supermarkets are showing promise for increased sales of sauces and condiments. Notably, dollar stores have drawn customers across socioeconomic levels, acting as a convenient, low-priced option for picking up a handful of items on their shopping lists.

The condiment category has been quickly evolving over the years. The demographic makeup of the United States is ever-changing, and consumers are showing an increased awareness of the importance of healthy living. As a result, Silver Spring has been seeing a large demand for more ethnic flavors and healthful flavor enhancers.

The company’s co-packing capabilities offer versatility and flexibility while maintaining excellent product quality and taste at affordable prices. The 167,000-squarefoot manufacturing facility has the capability to process both cooked and cold products. Silver Spring produces award-winning formulas for private label, with capabilities that include:

• Refrigerated and shelf-stable horseradish

• Specialty mustards

• Dipping sauces

• Mayonnaise

• Aioli

• Salad dressings

• Marinades

• Asian sauces

• Barbecue sauces

• Seafood sauces

The on-site R&D staff can also produce unique formulas to match retailer specifications, all while maintaining affordable prices. Packaging options include:

• Pouches

• Glass


• Cryovac bags

The company’s manufacturing facility is GFSI Certified (BRC Level A) and has flexible processes that allow for:

• Organic (certified Oregon Tilth)

• Kosher (Orthodox Union)

• Gluten-free

Silver Spring can also provide custom labeling, shrink pack tray cases and cardboard boxes for shipping storage, and customized bottles with tamper-evident heat-sealed safety bands.

Consumers demand versatility, and Silver Spring has responded to this demand with innovative ingredients and creative dietary options. New trends have provided the company an opportunity to reinvent traditional sauces, dishes and flavors. Convenience and nutrition, as well as texture and flavor, are important. Consumers are looking for cleaner labels with fewer ingredients, focusing on the content of sugar, salt and fat. Silver Spring R&D staff work to discover new varieties and create techniques to maximize flavor potential while addressing the increasing consumer trends toward healthy eating habits. The company is rethinking traditional dishes by introducing gluten-free options and specialty ingredients.

Silver Spring was founded in 1929 by Ellis Huntsinger and has been a leading manufacturer of condiments for 85 years. This innovative company can bring more excitement and flavor to your brand portfolio.

Silver Spring Foods, Inc.
2424 Alpine Road
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Contact: Wendy Kado, Regional Sales Manager

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