Silver Spring Voted Best Locally Produced Foodstuff, 2013


1st Place: Silver Spring mustards and horseradish
2nd Place: Chip Magnet Salsa
3rd Place: Big Donkey Pizza frozen pizzas

Silver Spring, the purveyor of Eau Claire’s own world-renowned horseradish, won first again hands down. Since the company created its original bite in 1929, it has expanded to other salivating lines, including a dozen varieties of mustard, wasabi-flavored and kosher-approved. With 48 tasty recipes on its website, what will the fourth generation now running the place come up with next? The second and third place winners, both housed in Banbury Place, are relative newcomers. Second place Chip Magnet, founded in 2011, is best-known for 20 kinds of salsas (made with non-genetically modified ingredients) that you can choose by heat intensity or because of great names such as Ole! or Ghouliscious. Third place Big Donkey Pizza, founded in 2010 and on the list for the second year in a row, is known for micro-batch pizzas made by hand and sold frozen through retailers and pubs. Ten flavors include Vegetable Haters, I Heart Vegetables, and Boring Cheese. –Barbara Arnold

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