Silver Spring Foods provide products to Culinology Students for Recipe Development


Silver Spring Foods (SSF) has developed a unique relationship with the Culinology Department at Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU), in Marshall, MN. SMSU, under the direction of Dr. Michael Cheng, added Silver Spring products to their Fall semester, 2012 curriculum.

Some of the students created gluten-free and regular recipes. SSF employees traveled to SMSU to record cooking videos of some of the students making their recipes.

The week of January 7th-11th, there will be one cooking video (with recipes), posted every day on YouTube at, Facebook at, and Twitter @SilvSprngFoods.  

Student Video Posting Order

1) January 7th: Anna Phillips (Apple Valley, MN)
     a. Southwest Style Pizza
     b. Cranberry Broccoli Salad

2) January 8th: Krystal Jochims (Yankton, SD) on behalf of Bethany Hall
     a. Harvest Pizza
     b. Pulled Beef Sandwich

3) January 9th: Jeremiah Murphy (Marshall, MN)
     a. Vineyard Wrap
     b. Spicy Steak Sandwich

4) January 10th: Katie Langel (Remsen, IA)
  a. Cranberry Horsey Sauce
     b. Zesty Chipotle Sauce

5)      January 11th: Hazel Pelley (Wheatland, IA)
a. Wing Sauce
     b. Chicken Salad

SMSU also created recipes at different tasting stations, for their Gala that was held in September, 2012. They used a number of SSF products for that event. Professors and students from the Culinology Program have also toured the SSF facility, in Eau Claire, WI.

Silver Spring Foods is the world’s largest grower and processor of horseradish. They are unique in providing a farm-to-table experience for the consumer. Currently owned by Ellis Huntsinger’s granddaughter and her two sons, the company has been family owned and operated for over 80 years and through four generations.

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