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Specialty Sauces Horseradish Sauce

9.25 oz. Bottle | GiveItZing®

A touch of pizazz cures mealtime boredom.

Our horseradish sauce can be described with one word: sassy! It has the sinus-clearing effects of our prepared horseradish, but it’s milder and creamier. The smooth consistency of this horseradish sauce makes it perfect for spreading on sandwiches and blending into other sauces. It’s delicious on roast beef and other meats. And you can dip your raw veggies into it for a slightly tart zing that makes healthy snacking easier and more enjoyable. Add a few fresh herbs to tailor the taste to suit whatever meal is on your plate. This versatile horseradish sauce might just become the most-loved condiment in your fridge! Gluten-Free product from Silver Spring.


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